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Programs Used: Modo, Maya 2016, Mental Ray, RenderMan, Maya Software

Programs Used: Maya 2016, Photoshop, Modo, RenderMan, Maya Software, Nuke

Step right up! Step right up! 

Get your sim-roasted nCloth shrimp & vegetables here! Best nCloth eggs in the area!

Programs used: Modo, Maya 2016, Mental Ray, Maya Software, Nuke

Programs used: Photoshop for 2d assets, After Effects for animation & sims


Generic flour sack animation that seems universally required if one studies animation.

Programs Used: Autodesk Maya, Photoshop, MentalRay

The assignment was to animate a bouncing ball by hand. 

I had an irrational amount of fun animating/lighting this…

Programs Used: Autodesk Maya, Mental Ray

The sequal to ‘Sack Attack’

Programs Used: Autodesk Maya, Photoshop, MentalRay

Programs Used: Autodesk Maya, Photoshop, MentalRay

Final for Animation II.

The assignment was to design and animate a robot, so I made 2 robots and an animation that was 3x longer than the requirement… Looking back I realize my texturing is pretty awkward and I *clearly* didn’t know that IK handles had a twist feature, but still… 

I also designed a really elaborate town for this that never ended up showing up in any of my camera angles, but it was still fun!

Programs Used: Autodesk Maya, Photoshop, MentalRay

Human Animations

More references with janky haircuts. Animated in maya with a pre-made rig.

Maya Fail was my final for Animation II. The files got buried on my hard drive for years and I just dug them up this morning and did a quick and dirty recut of the piece. 

My roommate and I recorded the audio while being silly one night and I decided to use it for my final on a lark. 

I learned a lot doing this project, including what not to do in the future. All and all, I do like the character design. It’s something I might revisit in the future – I really enjoy these weird character designs and, apparently, animating eyes. 

Marsh Killer was my Mocap final. Frankly I’m amazed my teacher let me do this project for a number of reasons…

Mocap Actors: Alexis Bloom and Kevin Mai

Programs Used: Blade, Motion Builder, Maya, Mental Ray, Photoshop, Modo

Final for Character Animation I. 

This is the only animation I’ve ever done with a partner and I don’t remember who did what, but it was a fun all nighter project. 

I modeled/textured the whole environment while my partner was taking a 3 hr nap at 2 am. She woke up and called me a magician XD

Programs Used: Autodesk Maya, Photoshop, MentalRay

Yup, that’s me in the reference… Judge my haircut all you want 😉