Mirrors of Grimaldi is a local, multiplayer game where the split screens change shape! Your screen size reflects your health, so if you’re doing well, you have a larger screen. If you’re doing poorly, your screens will get smaller and smaller, eventually crushing you out of existence.

You don’t interact directly with other players. Instead, you need to punch little demon-clown-goat enemies out of your screen and into your opponent’s. But watch out, your opponents will be sending the enemies your way too!

Around the map you’ll find towers that allow you to use specialized attacks. You can goad an opponent’s minions into agro mode or lock their borders briefly so they can’t punch the minions onto an opponent’s screen.

It’s a lot of good, clean fun, though I can’t make any promises for the language that’ll get thrown around when people are playing 😉

What was my role in the game?

Modeled: Minion – Guard – Peasant -Tower Gem – Wagons

Textured: Boat – Plants

Rigged: Minion – Guard – Peasant

Animated: Minion – Guard – Peasant (win animations only)

Mirrors of Grimaldi was proud to take 1st place at Intel’s 2016 University Games Showcase!


The Peasant

Peasant from “Mirrors of Grimaldi”
by afriedlander
on Sketchfab

He looks like Scott Bakula to me. That’s really all I have to say about him 😛

I was responsible for modeling, rigging, and weighting. I also did the animations that appear on the win screen once the game is over.

  • Poly count: 1,455 quads; 2,886 tris
  • Model time: 8 hours
  • Rig time: 4 hours
  • Weight time: 3 hours

Others who worked on this: Steven Yaffe (animated & textured)

The Minion

Minion from “Mirrors of Grimaldi”
by afriedlander
on Sketchfab

This little dude was the first organic game model I’ve ever made. 

I think I had to spend more time stripping polys than I did actually modeling the guy. I literally had to take out half of the polys – he used to be up around 7,000 tris!

  • Poly count: 1,455 quads; 2,886 tris
  • Model time: 8 hours to model, 8 hours to poly strip.
  • Rig time: 8 hours
  • Weight time: 3 hours

Others who worked on this: Steven Yaffe (textured)

The Guard

Guard from “Mirrors of Grimaldi”
by afriedlander
on Sketchfab

I really like this guy – he’s just so goofy. By the time I’d modeled the character and the minion I’d gotten waaay better at managing the poly count. I didn’t have to do any poly stripping at all – it was great!

  • Poly count: 1,654 quads; 3,226 tris
  • Model time: about 9 hours
  • Rig time: 4 hours
  • Weight time:  3 hours

Others who worked on this:  Evan Freed (textured)


(and some wagons)

I was also responsible for texturing a number of plant models made by my other teammates. To be honest, I had WAY to much fun with this… It was mildly concerning… I really should have seen this as a warning sign for my current room-consuming plant obsession.

I also modeled two wagons… Fun story, at some point during development, we slapped a bunch of torches onto whatever was convenient so we could get some lighting in the scene… Let’s just say, our hay-filled wagons definitely weren’t up to fire code…