File Licensing

This applies to pre-made digital files purchased from my shop. There will be a tick box on each listing letting you choose what rights you want (there may only be a single option available).

Noncommercial License

Most of my files are designated as ‘non commercial’ which also means ‘for personal use’. 

Files (modified or unmodified) are not to be redistributed, shared or sold in digital format (ever).

Prints or other physical reproductions of the files are not to be sold or actively marketed after purchase. 

Derivative works are not to be redistributed. If you want to mash my files with someone else’s for personal use, go for it (and show me what you make :P). Derivative work shouldn’t be used for profit or distributed in a digital or physical format.

Some examples of ‘active marketing’ include, but are not limited to:

  • Setting up listings on online marketplaces like Etsy, Ebay, etc.
  • Selling physical prints of the files in person or online
  • Informally offering printing services for my files online or in person (example: going on reddit and going “I have these neat files and can print them for people if they want *wink wink*”)

I have no problem with the following scenarios: 

  • Physically reproducing small items (jewelry, planters, etc) to be included in gift baskets for friends/family or used at events for friends/family (weddings, birthdays, etc)
  • Including prints/physical reproductions of planters in the sale of gift baskets provided they are not the main focus of the basket
    • acceptable usage example: using a strawberry planter to hold lots of strawberry themed cat toys and candy where the toys/candy are the main focus of the basket
    • unacceptable usage example: using a strawberry planter with a single strawberry keychain in it;)
    • Basically, you can use the planters as ‘packaging’ to spice up existing packs of items
  • You buy a prop weapon to print for a cosplay and you make a few (1-3) extra copies for some friends who are doing the same cosplay since they don’t have printers. 

Still never redistribute the digital files.
If you want to use the files in a specific way, but aren’t sure what’s acceptable, feel free to reach out (I’m normally pretty chill as long as people ask in advance).

(Read: “If someone comes to me and asks to pay me to print your files, am I allowed to do that?”)

Yes, as long as whoever is asking you to print the files provides a receipt for the purchase.

You may print as many copies of the files as that person needs in perpetuity, but may not redistribute the files or sell prints to anyone other than the original client. (I see this as being functionally the same as them having their own printer or using a friend’s printer).

You can make whatever modifications are needed to the files to a) make them fit on your printer(s) and b) add additional functionality to meet the client’s needs (if they want extra holes, resized files, straps to hold a mask on their face, etc). These modified files may not be distributed or resold.

Limited Commercial License

File Warranty & Tutorials

Just let me know!

If there are errors with files that make them unprintable, I’ll gladly fix them (you paid for a working file, and that’s what you’re gonna get gosh darn it). 

Most files don’t come pre-sliced and that’s not something that comes included with files, though I occasionally include sliced versions if I made them for personal use. 

I have lots of tutorials on YouTube and some more targeted ones that would be relevant to people who’ve bought files from me archived HERE. 

There are free programs like meshmixer and 3DBuilder that can do these things, as well as Blender, which is a more robust modeling program that’s basically a free verion of Maya (which is what I normally use in tutorials). 

3D Prints

Hire Me!

Please email me at [email protected] if you’d like to get in touch about a job. 

Normally my projects are flat rate & include lots of work in progress previews of the model to ensure you’re happy with what you’re paying for.

By default, all quotes are for a standard contract (see licensing below). If you want any of the other licensing rights, ability to sell prints, etc additional fees will apply.

The price includes a certain number of revisions (outlined below) to keep things on track and efficient for all parties. In the rare instance that more revisions are needed beyond the ones outlined below, additional charges may apply and I will discuss them with you before proceeding to ensure all parties are on the same page.


A blocky, simple version of the model (my version of a digital sketch) to look at before

Rounds of revisions included : ~4

What to look for:

  • Overall positioning/scaling of major features (eyes, mouth, etc)
  • Scale of object (if it’s fitting on a head or other pre-existing file)
  • Overall shaping of major features of the piece

Blocking in medium-minor details, refining/cleaning up overall shapes of piece in general

Rounds of revisions included: ~3


All the major/minor details are included in a state that could be called final.

This is basically the last hurrah for requesting changes before I send the finished files over.

Rounds of revisions included : ~2

  • Give me bulk changes instead of small batches of 1-2 changes
    • Not only does this reduce overall communication time for both parties, it’s just more efficient for me to make several changes at once rather than one at a time.
    • This will also reduce the likelihood of you being charged for additional rounds of revisions.
  • Give me the most specific feedback possible – drawings on screenshots are worth 1000 words

Standard Contract:

  • Files produced (and physical or digital derivatives) are for non-commercial, personal use only
  • I retain the rights to distribute files & physical derivatives once the project is done

Non-Exclusive Commercial Rights to Prints: 

  • You may sell PRINTS (or other physical reproductions) of the object(s) on whatever platform you want
  • I also retain the rights to sell files and prints, as well as grant other people rights to sell prints in the future. 

Exclusive Rights to Prints

  • I will not distribute files or prints after the project is done
  • You retain the rights to sell or distribute prints after the project is done. 
  • Files may NOT be distributed

Re-Selling Files: 

  • Is NOT something I offer by default on projects. If you need to distribute the files once a project is finished, please let me know upfront and we can reach some kind of arrangement. 

Payment Methods: Paypal invoices (which can be paid with a credit card) or custom created listings on my website

30-50% of the total project cost is due upfront, the rest is due at pre-specified project milestones or upon completion

Minimum job cost: $30

Head over to the Contact Page and provide the following info when reaching out:

  • Photos/sketches/a detailed written description of the object you want created
  • Timeline for the project (if any)
  • Desired licensing for the final project (see above)
  • Misc project requirements (you want support holes of a specific diameter, you need all walls to be 2.4mm thick, etc).
  • Max budget (optional; I’ll just use this to tell you if the project is immediately out of budget. Like I won’t make a full suit of fancy armor for $500 type thing)
  • Any other info you think might be useful
  • The initial deposit for the work is non-refundable if a project is cancelled by the customer.
    • At the artist’s discretion, a portion of the initial deposit may be refunded
  • No cancellations ore refunds will be issued after the project is complete and the files are delivered
    • If you find errors in the files that make them unusable/unprintable, please notify me and I will be glad to fix them.

By default, that’s not something included in any of my contracts (see above).

If file distribution is something you need to do, let me know UPFRONT and we can work something out.

  • Rush jobs! (price dependent on timeline and the number of other jobs I have at the time)
  • Repeated revisions on a particular part of a model that cause me to redo work over and over (see revision structure above)
  • Major tweaks to the design/shape after it’s almost finished
  • Changing the wall thickness of a 3D model after it’s been thickened
  • Scope Creep! (adding stuff to the project that wasn’t included in the original quote like holes for electronics, working threads, lots of different pieces, etc)
  • Doing complicated slicing for a file (I’ll normally chop the files up into a few flat pieces to fit on a printer for free if you ask; complicated would be cutting out weird shapes or doing lots of keying and such)
  • Changing the scale of a print in a way that would affect detailing


Because I’m a goober with too many hobbies They’re all me, I just separate some of my content on social media so people can pick what they want to follow, though Grumpy Alison is my ‘main’ brand. They’re all searchable at the same time in the main shop page and on the general website.

That’s why you might have been redirected to if you looked for or or

What is each brand? 

Grumpy Alison: 3D prints, printable files, jewelry… basically everything that isn’t silicone

Alison F: my personal projects/me and whatever crappy art I’m making for the heck of it. A gallery of my old previous work can be found here.

Squishy Works: SFW silicone stuff (stress balls, squishy dice, etc).*

*Squishy Works (or other variations of any of my mini-brands) are the ONLY place authorized to list items from SST (If you know, you know; if you don’t know, don’t worry about it :P)

All payment/security and such are functioning, I’m just not done with some of the content. It takes a LOOOOONG time to rebuild a website and this isn’t my main business page. (if you know, you know :P)

Any listing currently available in the shop not marked as TEST is complete/ready to be purchased.