FLOP! Dice Set 10, Near Clear Soft – Opal No Gold, choose d4


Reason for flop: d20 1 face is totally gone and some raised faces

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    I can custom-mix more or less anything and have flourescent, glowing and metallic colors, so you could write in just 'black' or 'black with red glow' or 'metalic uv orange with green glow' and any of those would be fine.
    I'm bad at teal (but I will try)
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Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 cm


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Please note that the default size of the dice sets are about 25% larger than standard dice.

Inking silicone dice is possible, but over time the ink may delaminate (peel off) and I offer no warranty on this due to the high-fidget nature of these squishies.