Skyrim Dragon Bone Dagger: Printable Files



The dragon dagger from The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

High detail file pack that can be printed on FDM or SLA/DLP machines. There are multiple versions of the design included in the file pack so you can customize them to suit your needs.


Files Included

1: Three ready to print versions of the dagger (1 without extra texturing; 2 versions with additional texturing that makes dry-brushing/painting easier)
2: All the individual pieces of all versions of the dagger that can be recombined to create the dagger of your dreams (4 Blades, 4 Handles, 3 Versions of all metal components of the dagger, 2 versions of metal rivets and swirl)

Also Included:
1: File key (there’s a lot of individual files)
2: A small text file with links to informational videos about cutting the models apart for printing as well as building your own dagger from the included files
3: Images of each textured dagger after printing and painting (I’ll update the listing and files with pictures of the second texture iteration once I’ve finished painting it.)

File Specs

Poly Count

Low poly: 83,066 verts / 16,632 tris
Textured Version 01: 4,608,173 verts / 4,578,813 tris
Textured Version 02: 974,853 verts / 1,949,706 tris

File Format:


Additional Notes

  • Due to the variety of printer sizes, the files don’t come pre-sliced. You’ll need to split the piece yourself before you print it.
  • Files don’t have blunted tips, but can be easily sanded after printing
  • I’ve successfully printed each version of the dagger on my own CR-10 (.2mm layer height) and painted so you can see how the textures show up. Images are also used in this listing.
  • Files will slice in Cura (my slicer of choice). Other slicers haven’t been tested. If you have issues in a given slicer, please contact me and I’ll tweak the files as needed.
  • Please download all the .zip files in the listing for the daggers. I had to break them into multiple zips in order to upload them. Total file size: ~100mb
  • Rotatable version of the most textured dagger can be found here :



——–Brief Descriptions———

Noncommercial: For personal use only. Files are not to be sold, redistributed or combined with outside files to produce derivatives. Prints aren’t to be actively marketed, sold, or otherwise distributed

Commercial Limited: Files are not to be sold, redistributed or combined with outside files to produce derivatives. Prints can be sold for profit so long as you credit/link where you got the files.

For more info see


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