If you need to get ahold of me, please email me at [email protected]

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(I had a contact form but it got a horrifical amount of spam emails so I disabled it)

I’m just a weirdo with too many hobbies.

For the last few years I’ve been working out of Philadelphia teaching animation, doing freelance 3d modeling, and creating/selling assorted cosplay, jewelry, props and… well, a lot of things. Did I mention the ‘too many hobbies’ bit??

I’ve also worked at bakeries and I used to enter fancy cake decorating commissions for the heck of it. Then my hobbies consumed the entire house so I had to cut back a bit. Such is life though?? Or something?

Now, in my ‘free time’ (whatever that means), I keep reef tanks, freshwater tanks, a hoard of succulents and a single goober of a cat. 

If you need something 3d printed or 3d modeled or prototyped, or molded & casted – I can probably do that!

One of the benefits of having too many hobbies is that I have all the tools needed to take your project from an idea to a physical ‘thing’. Or I can just throw you some 3d files so you can produce your project on your own time – whatever works for you. 

I also deal in weird, face-shaped ukuleles… But that’s a story for another day… 

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  • 3D modeling (characters, creatures, armor, etc)
  • Model repair & modification for existing models
  • 3D printing (depending on your needs)
  • Silicone molding & casting
  • Laser cutting

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